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A Message From Pastor Scott ...


Pastor Scott with wife Michele and children, Rachel, Rebekah, Joshua, and Jeremiah.

Dear Interested Friend,

I can assume you are interested a little bit about myself since you came to this page and so let me share a few things to satisfy your curiosity, but first let me tell you a little about the church.

First, about the Church

HCBC is different from most churches not only in the LA area but the world. We aren't trying to pattern ourselves after the world to gain a following. We are Savior sensitive in the current vernacular not seeker sensitive. Our services are welcoming for sinners and saints but we aren't looking to satisfy man's preferences with worship styles and other religious side issues. We are traditionally fundamental, historically orthodox Christianity, and Biblically committed to be set apart from this world. We won't 'rock' you out Sunday AM but reverently, and enthusiastically we do sing and play psalms, and hymns (yup, we still sing 'em) and spiritual songs. We may take a week or so but we'll actually learn your name and try to get to know you (what a concept huh?). If you like sitting on the back row of the local mega-church and need to hide, probably you'd best stay there and provide cover for the rest doing the same. But if the mega-scene is getting impersonal, impractical and even unbiblical and you'd actually prefer not to have to introduce yourself or stand in a long line to even speak with your pastor, and maybe, just maybe you want to serve the Lord instead of being served, then this may be the place. We're definitely not for everybody but we are for those who need hope, want to fellowship with the whole church not just a home group, and worship God not idolize the pastor. Come check it out. We're small but one. We will love you if you give us a chance. If it's size and programs we're just not it and don't want to be. If you can see with eyes of faith and love God with your heart then we're waiting to see you.

Second, about the Pastor

A Brief Bio

I grew up in an unsaved family back in PA and came to Christ after a life lived like the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. My heavenly Father came running after me by His grace and I was saved in 1980. I was discipled in Scottsdale, AZ at the Immanuel Bible Church and only 2 months after my salvation received a clear call to the ministry. I enrolled at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC and graduated in 1985 with degrees in Bible and Greek. I finished graduate school in 1987 and after a 2 year internship at my home church as a Youth Pastor and a summer mission trip to Colombia, SA with New Tribes Missions, we were led in 1990 to a small town in WV and I was called as the pastor of the Community Bible Church. Here we had our first 2 children, Joshua and Rachel. I was able to begin an internship program there that successfully trained a man for the ministry who was later called back to pastor that church when we left. It was there during our 4 years that I had a burden to plant a church out west where there weren't 14 churches in a town of 800 like the one we lived in up in the hills.

In 1994 that passion to be out west was beginning to be realized when we went to a church as an interim pastor in the So Cal desert. As the church grew in this small town of 5,000 called Holtville, my desire to fill the void in the west only intensified. God also blessed us with our next 2 children, Jeremiah and Rebekah, born during this time. We also began home-schooling our 4 children at this time and thank the Lord for allowing us to raise our children in the admonition of the Lord. In 1997 we went to a much larger city of Oceanside, CA to start a church from scratch. After a 3 year effort to establish a independent fundamental work under Gospel Fellowship Missions we knew the Lord was leading us on.

Hope's Story

There was a small group of believers in northern LA that were close to closing the doors and needed someone to come with church planting experience. The church there in the midst of one of the largest suburban areas in the USA now needed a church planter because the 12 people remaining couldn't support a pastor. In December of 2000 our family moved to LA, one of the largest cities in the world. The church really was reborn and we decided to change the church's name in 2003 from Berean Baptist to Hope Community Bible Church.

We welcome you to visit our services where you can learn from the Bible to know Christ as your Savior and to intimately fellowship with His body, the church.

In Christ's Amazing Love,

Scott Leigh, Pastor
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