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Our links pages are two-fold, having differing purposes. Like the difference between a magazine stand and a reference library so too do our two links pages seek to satisfy our needs for both the everyday search for information and the lifelong study for knowledge.

Our first page is meant to offer very handy, practical information dealing with the needs we face everyday as Christians. On this page we group together those best of the best places on the internet we have found helpful regarding personal interests, family topics, discernment in entertainment, shopping, and basic Bible study, among others.

On Page 2 we have collected websites of a broader and deeper theological nature. The second page is intended for those interested in serious Biblical study involving a wide array of biblical, theological, philosophical, archeological, and historical topics.

A blue exclamation point (!) means we like this link best in a section. If you only have time for one link this is it.

Disclaimer: Remember, God leads us all a little differently. We need His discernment to know the good from the bad. Although in general we have found these sites helpful it does not constitute a total endorsement on our part of their philosophy or practices. Some sites are secular in nature and this needs to be taken into consideration. Exercise your own judgment. Report any problems to us for review.


! Christian Answers One of our favorites, a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions, especially good for movie reviews.
Gospelcom Claims to be the most popular Christian website in the world with 300 Alliance Ministries.
Crosswalk A large for profit site, with four primary content areas – Faith, Family, Fun and Community, with material from sources such as Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, The Bible Answerman and Insight For Living.


The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute John Ankerberg, SBC apologist, very good.
The Berean Call Dave Hunt writes the newsletter Berean Call and is gifted in apologetics.
Walter Martin’s Religious Infonet Homepage of renowned author of Kingdom of the Cults, many extra documents not found in his books, many audio messages.

Bible Study

! E-Sword One of our absolute favorites for amount of material and all of it free! Download the e-sword program and add gazillions of modules (actually is gazillions, we’d never lie).
E-Sword LIVE Same as above but online so no downloading necessary. (Good for Mac users since e-sword is a Windows only platform.)
Biblos Search, Read, Study the Bible in many languages. (124 to be exact) Like e-sword LIVE without registering. I love the Greek NT with diacritics!
Crosswalk A do all site for contemporary issues as well as good basic Bible study tools; commentaries, interlinears, dictionaries, etc.
All-in-One Biblical Resources Search by Dr. Mark Goodacre. Multiple searches on the most useful sites all on one page divided into 6 sections; Bible Versions and Translations, Greek NT, Biblical Resources Sites, Ancient World, General Academic and Religion, Email List Archives.


! Sharper Iron Fundamentalist blog.
Slice of Laodicea News and commentary on the contemporary church.
Smart Christian "The Instapundit of the Evangelical blogosphere" – Jason Janz.
Pyromanics Phil Johnson is Director at GTY and popular among reformed, Shepherd’s Conference crowds.

Children’s Interests

Creation Science Evangelism Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs, and the Bible.
Kids 4 Truth Bible study, multimedia, games.

Creation Science

Answers in Genesis Ken Ham’s site, very good and thorough.
Institute for Creation Research ICR is a strong voice against godless humanism’s dogma of evolution.
The Creation Research Society A professional organization of scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.
Creation Science Web Links Links to a plethora of creation sites. Their sister site Creation Science has resources from a creationist perspective.


! Christian Answers Tons of info on many subjects with great film reviews.
Hollywood and God Find out what blasphemy is in that movie before you watch.
TV Guardian Filters out bad language from DVD’s.
Clear Play DVD player with downloadable clean filters on memory sticks and 2300+ movie database (must buy the DVD player and a subscription to use).


! The Hope A great film available to watch streaming online showing God’s Promise of Salvation for All People from the Beginning of Creation till the End. Strong doctrinal content.
Way of the Master Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron ministry to teach evangelism and provide evangelism resources. Newsletter, radio and TV.
Voice of the Evangelists Unified positive voice evangelists for the cause of biblical evangelism Spirit-filled praying and preaching.

General Information

Bartleby Great books online, reference, dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias, etc.
Information Please On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Atlas, & Almanac.

HCBC Ministries

Ironwood Christian Camp Our church’s favorite camp out in the high desert. Sound Biblical teaching, exciting programs, warm fellowship.
Neighborhood Bible Time Summer evangelistic ministry reaching youth for Christ.
ABWE Association of Baptists for World Evangelism is one of this world’s greatest missions agencies.
New Tribes Mission NTM is frontier evangelism and a great place to spend 3 weeks in a summer or winter on a Summit Team as a volunteer missionary.


! Free Christian Sheet Music Lyrics and chords for almost any Christian song with directories for many other sites.
Cyber Hymnal Has over 5,700 songs in database. Find lyrics, MIDI files, pictures, history, and more.


(Remember as always to use discretion when dealing with artistic works.)
Olga’s Gallery Like a museum not specifically religious art, but a lot of it here in religion section from 'Abraham' to Zechariah' and lots inbetween.
The Art Renewal Museum Has over 63,000 ''museum' quality paintings from over 5,200 artists. Use their Search function to find artists or subjects like "Jesus" or "Moses."
The Web Gallery of Art A Virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism and Romanticism periods (1100-1850).
Biblical Art on the WWW You can search by Biblical subject,text, or word, most linked to other hosting sites, some are full paintings other clip art style.
La Vista Church of Christ in La Vista, NE has put up the pictures out several children’s Bible story books for free download and use.


Baptist Press News with a Christian (SBC) perspective, more conservative than some.
Christian Post A moderate Christian viewpoint of the news.
World Magazine Online version of magazine with Christian views of today's news.
Religion Today Hosted by Crosswalk; large and varied.


Election Forum Election recommendations for conservative Christians with a California perspective organized by Craig Huey, questionnaires, post election results, county specific info (LA, Ventura, etc).

Online Books, Sermons and Tracts

! Christian Classical Book Library Great classical writings from Christian history.
Mount Zion Bible Church Collection includes a Bunyan Archive, works of Bonar, McCheyne, Pink, Ryle, Spurgeon, etc. Also has a free online Bible institute.
Sermon Index Online index of audio and text sermons from the past complete with photos!


! Sermon Audio Choice of many web radio stations, live church services, sermons, videos, and more.
Live365.com Many Christian stations to choose from.
WMMU Online sacred and easy listening from Greenville, SC with sermons, etc.
Old Fashion Christian Radio Just like the name sounds.


! Amazon Perhaps the net’s largest online sales site with almost everything from used books to electronics and specialty items.
CBD Christian Book Distributor has books, films, with the most selection anywhere.
Ebay Find used books, commentaries, and all else here.
Techbargains Daily deals on tech merchandise, info on rebates, coupons, etc.


Bible.org Numerous resources for study and current events related info.
Internet Christian Library Contains one of the largest archiving of "classical" Christian materials available.
Theopedia An encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity of the wiki type.

Women’s Interests

A Virtuous Woman Support for other women seeking to be a Proverbs 31 woman
Above Rubies One of Michele’s favorites to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and homemakers.
No Greater Joy NGJ is the ministry of Michael & Debi Pearl with good advice particularly on parenting.



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